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Patient Resources

Addiction is complex, which means treatment and long-term recovery are complex. Despite this, it shouldn’t scare anyone - patients or their loved ones. It just means that treatment and recovery both require thorough and thoughtful planning. A relapse prevention plan is key in managing triggers for addiction. What is more, relapse is likely for a number of people, which again should not be discouraging. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) writes, “Relapse rates for addiction resemble those of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.” With these chronic diseases, they need to be monitored and managed. Even with this, it’s likely people will go through a relapse with their health. Likewise, relapse is likely, and normal, when dealing with addiction. It’s important to provide the skills and resources to deal with triggers and relapses.

A significant part of this is community support. Relapse is difficult, but significantly easier with help. What community looks like will vary by person, and that is more than okay. A lot of people find community in recovery or groups outside of rehab, like in AA meetings or NA meetings. A great way to build and strengthen community outside of treatment, is to participate in local community activities and to volunteer. Building a community does require proactiveness, but it will pay off in the long run. Even if one’s community is not directly involved in treatment or anything to do with addiction, the support is still essential. At Mountain View Recovery, we work to develop unique treatment plans and long-term recovery resources to thoroughly help individuals.

Alumni Program

It’s possible to find support in many different areas; where someone goes for treatment is potentially a great source of support. Many of the people one will encounter are dealing with similar issues or are familiar with addiction and recovery. At Mountain View Recovery, we firmly believe that an alumni program is an important part of treatment and long-term success. After someone completes our three programs (PHP, IOP, and OP), they are able to join our alumni program.

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The alumni program includes:

  • No time limit: We want to ensure that everyone receives the help they need; each person is unique: their needs will vary and some require more time than others.
  • Sober living: For people in initial recovery, sober living homes are essential. It’s important for most to spend a significant amount of time away from access to substances, but also away from people who are potentially bad influences.
  • Group meetings: Participants will go twice a week to a group meeting. This helps for continual communication, accountability, and building relationships. Support is a necessity in recovery and this is a great place to find that.
  • Life management skills: It’s important to develop skills that will help after treatment. This includes work skills, social skills, and other necessary skills for living in society on one’s own.

Our alumni program is there to serve our clients. We want to help them achieve sobriety and furthermore to develop the skills to manage relapse and sobriety long after. It’s important to provide an environment where clients feel safe and comfortable.

Young Adult Resources

Addiction affects people of all backgrounds. It’s important to recognize this when formulating a treatment plan that addresses the unique needs of the individual. At Mountain View Recovery, we have a therapist who specializes with the young adult age demographic (18-26). Addiction and depression in young adults, among other mental health issues, are serious issues that deserve unique care and treatment.

Patient Resources at Mountain View Community

At Mountain View Recovery, our clients come first. They deserve the best there is to offer in help regarding addiction and recovery. We understand and emphasize the need for community support, individualized treatment, and a life-long recovery plan. To find out more about our resources and how we help, contact us today.