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Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program (OP) is a transition preparatory phase. It provides a minimum of nine (9) hours of weekly outpatient treatment. This involves a minimum of one (1) hour/s individual substance abuse/behavioral health counseling per week and a minimum of eight (8) hours of group counseling. During this month the client is involved in preparation for transition from the program, at which time exit plans and aftercare recommendations are structured and established. MVRC outpatient services are generally intended for clients who may or may not have support from family and friends, have employment or housing, but are assessed as not appropriate for more intensive levels of treatment.

As mentioned above, it’s possible to build community outside of family and friends. Often, this is found in treatment for many people, as well as after. Group counseling develops relationships and clients are able to hold each other accountable. Further, as recovery is long-term, the outpatient program emphasizes preparing for life after treatment is completed. Communication is a fundamental skill for anyone in society. Developing and strengthening that skill will allow clients to succeed in treatment and as productive members of society. It will allow them to continue to build and strengthen communities wherever they are.

Behavioral counseling is essential to help clients recalibrate behaviors and ways of thinking that contributed to addiction and will potentially contribute to relapse. Behavioral therapies have been around for decades now and have shown significant progress in treating addiction, according to Drs. Kathleen M. Carroll and Lisa S. Onken. They are certainly not a cure-all, nor do they work for everyone, but frequently they are incredibly effective in combination with other types of therapy. There are, of course, numerous factors behind addiction; behavior is a significant one that is often impacted by mental health. Behavioral therapies work to address thoughts that contribute to negative behavior and should address any mental illnesses clients are dealing with.

The OP program is designed as the last step in reaching long-term recovery. However, outpatient level of care is only provided to clients who have completed a higher level of care within the MVRC treatment program such as the IOP or PHP program. Mountain View Recovery Center’s (MVRC) Outpatient Level of Care is a transition/preparatory phase that provides preparation for transition from the program, at which time exit plans and aftercare recommendations are structured and established. Clients in our OP program will enjoy higher levels of freedom and flexibility in their schedule.