Residential Program

Residential substance abuse treatment programs in most cases treat disorders in and or around a full time, fully staffed licensed facility. These facilities generally have the ability to house 6 patients at a time and typically provide food, lodging, and round the clock medical care by licensed professionals. In most cases residential treatment centers have a minimum length of stay for completion of the program in 30 days. However, it is not uncommon to see most facilities request the patient to stay much longer depending on the underlying conditions the patient may have and or may be experiencing. Millions of people struggle with addiction, most of these addictions are coupled with irreversible side effects. Mountain View Recovery in Colorado Springs is a premier provider and has been the top provider of Residential Treatment in Colorado Springs.  In 2019, only 10% of people who required to be treated for substance abuse treatment actually were treated. That number basically translates to 2 million adults out of 20 million who were diagnosed with addictions.

Types of substances abuse disorders we treat :

  •  Opioid use disorder
  •  Alcohol use disorder
  •  Stimulant use disorder
  •  Sedative use disorder
  •  Hallucinogen disorder
  •  Synthetic use disorder
  •  Chemical use disorder

Almost every type of drug on the planet falls under one of those categories! If you and or your loved one have found it hard to cope with day to day functions and self medicate in one way or another to get you through those daily functions,  please do not hesitate to call Mountain View Recovery. One of our qualified staff members will walk through all your questions and concerns with expert advice on what to do next! We have seen 100s of individuals with similar pain, we have also seen those same individuals celebrate wonderful sober lifestyles with new friends that care and love them.

Do you and your loved one need Residential Treatment

Mountain View Recovery is a less restrictive treatment provider than most hospital based inpatient treatment providers. Even though the length of stay is longer our guests feel that their time at Mountain View Recovery was extremely beneficial and went by too fast. Our residential treatment programs are set up in a way where the patient will dwell with other individuals who are learning and experiencing what life without substance abuse really feels like. The patient will attend individual and group therapy sessions with highly trained and sought after experts who have dealt with 100s if not 1000s of peoples struggles just like you and or your family member.

The one size fits all, treatment modalities, typically do not help. This is primarily due to the innumerable amounts of differentiating characteristics of the combinations of substances multiplied by the character and personality types of individual. This is why the clinical staff and support staff at Mountain View Recovery believe and treat in a more individualized approach, yet staying true to the fundamentals of substance abuse treatment.

It is imperative that the individual, family member and or friend acquire as much information as possible when choosing a treatment facility. Many, begrudgingly, have chosen facilities on outward appearances and or the different freedoms/amenities they provide. Here are some questions to consider when exploring your options:

  •  How long is the treatment program?
  •  What types of credentialing and licensing does the facility have?
  •  Will me or my loved one see a therapist if so how often?
  •  Is there a large network of alumni/ facility support after treatment?
  •  What is the patient monitoring protocol?
  •  Is the facility legit script approved and monitored?
  •  Does the facility offer step up and or step down protocols at the same location/locations?
  •  Will me and or my loved one be able to have family visits?


Mountain View Recovery and our Residential Treatment Facility teams are committed to providing life long sustainable success in recovering from addiction treatment, we offer all levels of care. We are focused on treating the entire character of the individual, addressing mental illnesses, social disconnect and physical wellness and or the lack thereof. We feel addiction is the outcome of the issues listed above. We maintain a fully confidential addiction helpline available 24/7 to ensure that our community has a clear path to their recovery needs and desires!






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Addiction is complex, which means treatment and long-term recovery are complex. Despite this, it shouldn’t scare anyone – patients or their loved ones. It just means that treatment and recovery both require thorough and thoughtful planning.

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