Drug Rehab: Treating Addictive Behavior 1 Step at a Time

Everything you need to know about Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction in Colorado is here.

Drug Rehab Colorado

Drug Rehab: Why we do and What we do!

Mountain View Recovery believes that each of us has a path out of our old lives and behaviors. We think that with enough help and resources, we can all live independent lives. In Colorado, we’re the state’s largest alcohol and drug rehab agency.

When did it begin? NOW! Where does it all begin? HERE! We are all family at Mountain View Recovery!

About Mountain View Recovery

Mountain View is a full-service inpatient drug rehab center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Offering several modalities of treatment, we seek to help our patients overcome their addictions. We develop a program for a lifelong plan of sobriety also. Rehab can be the best decision you make, so make it today!

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Partial-Hospitalization Program

Our PHP program includes but is not limited to regular individual therapy sessions for drug rehab. Six hours of daily group therapy, weekly psychiatric appointments, and weekly case management sessions.

Intentive Outpatient Program

Unlike our PHP program, our IOP program emphasizes group and individual therapy as well as reintegration back into society. Job placement, recovery solutions, and life-coping skills are some of the services we provide for our patients in this program in drug rehab treatment.

Outpatient Program

We have designed our outpatient program to help those who have completed treatment and need additional support. The client attends two group therapy sessions a week as well as a weekly session with a master-level clinician. Hospitalized individuals can expect 24-hour medical attention, as well as drug testing, during their stay.

Residential Program

A full-time, licensed institution with a complete staff is almost always used to address substance misuse issues. Patients can be accommodated in groups of six at these facilities, which usually provide meals. As well as 24-hour medical attention from the licensed staff members. In most circumstances, a 30-day stay is a minimum length required to complete a residential treatment program. Most drug rehab centers will urge that the patient stay longer because of the patient’s underlying medical conditions.

Drug Rehab Colorado

Testimonials on Drug Rehab


There are so many good things to say about Mountain View recovery for drug rehab, it’s better than any rehab I’ve been to. My experience was great, this was the place to actually make me want to chase my recovery. The staff is caring and experienced. If you have a problem, it gets addressed and fixed immediately. Mountain View recovery is very connected. Your group members will become your friends. Then after you complete the program the staff care so much as to keep up with you. If you want recovery, sobriety, and taught how to maintain it come here!

Steven Bailey

Paul Covelli saved my daughter’s life — Paul — and his staff at Mountain View Recovery Center returned my daughter to me and to life. At the beginning of my daughter’s five months at Mountain View, she truly didn’t believe in much: she didn’t believe in herself, in the possibility of being sober, in the immense potential for her future, in joy or hope or contentment. Those concepts were unfathomable to her. She couldn’t find a reason to strive for the life she deserved UNTIL Paul helped her realize she was worth it. He convinced her of her worth — her purpose — her value in this world. How did he do that? Well, you have to meet Paul to understand the gifts he possesses to help people come out of the darkest places a person can find themselves in. With his unmatched patience, forthrightness, intelligence, humanity, and humility, Paul approaches his efforts to help others on their road to recovery in a most purposeful way. To be sure, my daughter’s steps towards sobriety were not easy ones — and will not be easy ones as she works hard each day to maintain her sobriety. But never getting on the path to recovery was where her story may very well have ended had it not been for Paul Covelli and Mountain View Recovery. They held her hand, encouraged her movement forward, helped her make challenging adjustments along the way. Aren’t we all a work in progress — the keyword being “progress” — and Mountain View Recovery created the momentum necessary for my daughter to actually be in a place where she could “progress.” Prior to her time at Mountain View, my daughter was stuck, and then she was sliding down towards a very scary place. The miracle in my family’s life was the hand that Paul reached out for all of us to grasp onto at a time of fearful uncertainty. The real truth to this story is this: when Paul saved my beautiful daughter’s life, he also saved the lives of myself

LeeAnne Ladd

Today, our son has been sober for a year. We are so proud of his progress and are very thankful that we chose the staff at Mountainview as his recovery team. Thanks to each of you for giving him the support, insight, and compassion that helped guide him in the right direction. You gave him what he needed to help himself and his family be happier and stronger. 

Jason Holden

I just completed a 60 day (30 PHP and 30 IOP) substance abuse treatment program with Mountain View Recovery and the entire program was incredible. I’ve been in other treatment centers including Hazelden twice and several others around the country and this was, by far, the best. I believe it was a combination of the quality of the program and my willingness to engage. 

The biggest difference was the fact that everyone there truly cared about my recovery and went above and beyond to ensure my recovery was addressed. This started with the owner and went thru every level of the organization.

I could have went to any treatment center in the country but chose Mountain View based on the initial phone conversation I had with the owner, Paul Covelli.

I don’t normally do Google Reviews but felt compelled to with this experience since it has provided me excellent insight and a base to continue with my recovery forever.

Thanks again Mountain View

Joe. H

Our Team


Our Team is not just some Clinical, and Executive level, system. We have not been put in place by a group of investors with the agenda of stacking cash! We are here because we choose to be here. Our team gets it and understands our guests and friends. We do not serve Caviar but we do serve you! We serve you in a way that you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives!

Medical Director

PAUL COVELLI Executive Director

Executive Director

MIYA STAFFORD Director Operations

Director Operations

Mountain View Recovery Treatment Programs

Patient Resources

Addiction is complex, which means treatment and long-term recovery are complex. Despite this, it shouldn’t scare anyone – patients or their loved ones. It just means that treatment and recovery both require thorough and thoughtful planning.

Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program (OP) is a transition preparatory phase. It provides a minimum of nine (9) hours of weekly outpatient treatment. This involves a minimum of one (1) hour/s individual substance abuse/behavioral health counseling per week.

Adventure Therapy

For a long time, nature has been seen as a balm to the problems we face in society. Even during pre-industrial times, people would seek out the countryside as a means to feel better. Many people have also used nature as a way to understand the world.

Trauma and Recovery

Just like physical trauma occurs, so does psychological trauma. Any number of traumatizing events occur and cause psychological trauma. A lot of people will experience trauma before or because of addiction. It’s possible for addiction to deepen…


Nobody sets out with the intention of becoming addicted to anything. Even someone making a conscious decision to try substances is not intending to become dependent, experience withdrawal, and risk overdose or death. There are numerous factors.