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Partial-hospitalization Program

Our PHP program includes but it is not limited to regular individual therapy sessions, six hours of daily group therapy, weekly psychiatric appointments and weekly case management sessions.

Intentive Outpatient Program

Our IOP program mirrors the PHP level of care in many aspects except that it is geared towards group and individual therapy, along with integration back into society. In this program we help our patients with job placement, recovery based solution, and life coping skills.

Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program is designed for aftercare and continued structured support. The client attends two group therapy sessions a week as well as a weekly session with a masters level clinician. Medical and psychiatric care, and drug screening is provided for the duration of the patients' stay.


Mission Statement

It is our mission to compassionately empower every client who walks through the door of Mountain View Recovery Center. Our vision is to provide support and structure in a community-based, clinical setting using evidence based practices. Our purpose is to break the stigma of addiction and show our clients a united way to lifelong recovery.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to your success and will work with you for every step of this journey toward sobriety and a healthy future.



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About Mountain View Recovery

Mountain View is a full service inpatient rehab in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Offering several modalities of treatment, we seek to help our patients overcome their addictions and develop a program for a life long plan of sobriety. Rehab can be the best decision you make, so make it today! Contact us and learn how our rehab can help you.