Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

Mountain View Recovery prides itself on the 100s of successful outcomes that have been achieved over the last couple of years.

Mountain View Recovery’s  Drug and Alcohol Detox Center uses evidence-based medical protocols combined with extreme attention to quality care, and the compassion we have for our patients. We know first hand, how scary, and painful detoxing off of drugs, and or alcohol can be. Most of our team remembers when detox programs would bring a blanket and a pillow, close the door, and let you shake and tremble for the next 7 days without any type of real medical assistance!

However, detox begins the process of substance addiction treatment, and for that matter the detox stage should be comfortable, and take place in a safe and controlled environment.

Most treatment facilities are not qualified to offer alcohol detox services or drug detox services, clients are sent to separate detox treatment facilities. This is done prior to being admitted to a residential treatment facility, depending on the type of detox they will usually stay 5-7 days before  returning to start the actual addiction treatment at the approved facility of choice.

This potentially complicates the recovery process in that the individual would have to admit to two different facilities, Mountain View Recovery we offer both detox as well as residential addiction treatment we want the over all experience to be as comfortable as possible.

Removing Detox Anxiety

Many people “rightfully so” have anxiety when it comes to  detox as maybe they have gone through the process before and it was painful. Unsuccessful attempts created anxiety or fear.

Take Heroin Detox or Opioid Detox for instance.  Painful withdrawal’s make it nearly impossible to stop using heroin or opioids. Clients appreciate the fact that our physicians have extensive education and years of experience, They are experts concerning pharmacology to ease the pains of detoxification symptoms.

Detoxing and or withdrawing from alcohol or Benzos in most cases is extremely dangerous as well as deadly and without proper medical supervision has proven to be fatal.

It is necessary and should be mandatory in most cases to have a full toxicology panel ran especially if a client is not quite sure what types of drugs and how much of that drug they have been consuming.  Most the times our detox team at Mountain View Recovery has found that an adjustment in medication is needed during detox, due to the response the patients body and reactions they are showing.  At many detox facilities, it is common that patients might wait hours and in cases days before receiving a response from the medical staff during alcohol detox or drug detox. In our opinion this is negligence and we have strict guidelines to make sure that this will never happen at Mountain View Recovery






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